American Teardrop eagle

The original,
the classic,
the legend

The heart and soul of the American Teardrop Product line is the American Eagle.

A compass setting direction for adventure in tiny trailers
All American eagle

By far the most popular, the American Teardrop Eagle is everything you could want in a teardrop experience. Whether you equip it for open road, off-road, or no road at all, this trailer give you queen bed comfort and fully customizable cabinetry, all riding on independent torsion suspension.  

With storage options, roof accessories, water storage or one of our equipment packages, your Eagle will be ready to adventure when you are.

The Eagle is light enough to tow behind most sedan, big enough to sleep 2 (plus dogs, cats, or any other pets you might bring along). Easily accessorized, the Eagle is perfect for adding extra propane, water, shower, kayak rack and so much more.

Classic size, enduring value

The eagle has landed...

The comfort of the queen bed, the convenience of a fully equipped galley, charm of the teardrop shape, combine for the perfect camping get away. Long on value, this light weight teardrop, provides the answer for the weekender, and cross country traveler alike. Unbelievable customizable, nearly every feature can be added to this outdoor gem.  

Why the Eagle?

People look to the Eagle when they want a trailer full of convenience, but not wider than their tow vehicle. Though large enough for a queen size bed, the Eagle is still light enough to go behind nearly any tow equipped sedan.

  • "It is so versatile. We use it. The kids use it. The grandkids love it."

  • "We go out where seemingly, no one else goes. When we get there we have everything we need for comfort, confidence and FUN!"

  • "Everything is so much more beautiful when we are out with our Eagle!"

Capacity and Confidence

Here are most of the specifications for the base model, American Teardrop Eagle.

Harrier Standard Specifications

Size: 5.1x10
Weight: 980lbs
Tongue Length: 48in
Tongue Weight: 95lbs
Hatch Storage Capacity: 37cuft
Bed Size: 60inx78in
Inside Length: 90in
Inside Floor Size: 60inx84in
Cabin Length Exterior: 120in
Overall Length: 156in
Cabin Width: 74in
Overall Width: 80in
Cabin Height: 48in
Inside Cabin Height: 45in
Overall Height: 67in
Overall Width: 80in
Cabin Width: 62in
Galley Counter Height: 36in
Galley Hatch Height: 78in
Frame Ground Clearance: 14in
Tires (Standard): 205/75/14
Rims (Standard): 14in Steel
Ball Size: 2in
Frame Ground Clearance: 14in
Electrical Hook Up: 4 Wire Flat
Brakes: Optional
Tongue Rack: Optional 16inx48in
Spare Tire: Optional
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