American Teardrop Falcon

Cabin. Galley.go!

Cozy, Cute, Comfy, and Convenient, the ATD Falcon gets you into intimate adventures no matter how narrow the road is!

A compass setting direction for adventure in tiny trailers
the ATD Falcon

When you don't need much to enjoy the great outdoors, The Falcon is a perfect teardrop to help you adventure. You don't need a special vehicle, and car can tow it. Our lightest teardrop with a galley, this trailer is for owners with smaller cars and looking for big adventures. Built around a Full-sized mattress, you still have plenty storage and a highly functional galley.

So light and aerodynamic

You won't know its back there.

Whether you go across town or across country, the Falcon is so light and aerodynamic that you won't know that it is behind you. The Falcon has very little effect on your gas mileage, while greatly enhancing your camping experience. Whether you add curtains, containers or a coffee maker, the Falcon will become your greatest adventure device.

Why a Falcon

When weight matters, when you watching your budget, when you are looking to move up from your tent, or when you want to get started, the Falcon is the perfect Teardrop.

  • "I love to take it down to the lake, make a cup of coffee and just relax. Knowing I don't have to sleep in my tent anymore."

  • "We were able to turn our commuter car into an adventure car. We take our teardrop everwhere."

  • "It has given us the freedom to see parts of the country we would never have seen."

Compact and light weight!

Lightest Galley equipped teardrop we build.

Harrier Standard Specifications

Size: 4.5x9
Weight: 880lbs
Tongue Length: 48in
Tongue Weight: 75lbs
Hatch Storage Capacity: 22cuft
Bed Size: 54inx75in
Inside Length: 84in
Inside Floor Size: 54inx75in
Cabin Length Exterior: 108in
Overall Length: 144in
Cabin Width: 74in
Overall Width: 74in
Cabin Height: 48in
Inside Cabin Height: 45in
Overall Height: 67in
Overall Width: 74in
Cabin Width: 74in
Galley Counter Height: 36in
Galley Hatch Height: 78in
Frame Ground Clearance: 14in
Tires (Standard): 205/75/14
Rims (Standard): 14in Steel
Ball Size: 2in
Frame Ground Clearance: 14in
Electrical Hook Up: 4 Wire Flat
Brakes: Optional
Tongue Rack: Optional 16inx48in
Spare Tire: Optional
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Adventure Graphics

Make your trailer Stand out, Blend in, or just reflect your adventurous personality with ATD Graphics and wraps.

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