American Teardrop Harrier

discover the ultimate space

A trailer thats about as American as it gets. We didn't hold back on storage, sleep room or galley space. Supersized.

the Harrier legacy

King size adventures are found in the American Teardrop Harrier. Our largest Teardrop is 6’ wide and 10’ long.

This additional space offers a California King bed and tons of storage options.

Interior space is maximized allowing for a number of configurations including additional headboard storage, internal bunk bed, dog bed, or additional cabinetry.

The Space you need for

Great Long Stay Adventures

For long stay getaways in the Sierras, Rockies, or Appalachian, or any other long stay adventure, the ATD Harrier offers you additional roof space for up to 400W of solar. The wide stance supports up to 40 gallons of water storage, 56" of tongue box, and the largest roof rack in its class.

Unique to the Harrier

The ATD Harrier has additional safety lights on top and fenders due to the wide stance. In addition, may Harriers come with a braking system because clients add every possible feature pushing the weight over 1500lbs.

  • "Our Harrier is perfect for boondocking, with Lithium, 400W of solar, inverter, we can stay out there for weeks."

  • "We have taken our Harrier everywhere. It is always charged, loaded, and ready to roll out."

  • "We love the space and the additional bunk inside. Looking forward to years of adventure!"

Built for maximum capacity

Here are most of the specifications for the base model,
American Teardrop Harrier.

Harrier Standard Specifications

Size: 6.1x10
Weight: 1050lbs
Tongue Length: 48in
Tongue Weight: 95lbs
Hatch Storage Capacity: 37cuft
Bed Size: 72inx78in
Inside Length: 90in
Inside Floor Size: 72inx84in
Cabin Length Exterior: 120in
Overall Length: 156in
Cabin Width: 74in
Overall Width: 92in
Cabin Height: 48in
Inside Cabin Height: 45in
Overall Height: 67in
Overall Width: 92in
Cabin Width: 74in
Galley Counter Height: 36in
Galley Hatch Height: 78in
Frame Ground Clearance: 14in
Tires (Standard): 205/75/14
Rims (Standard): 14in Steel
Ball Size: 2in
Frame Ground Clearance: 14in
Electrical Hook Up: 4 Wire Flat
Brakes: Optional
Tongue Rack: Optional 16inx48in
Spare Tire: Optional
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