American Teardrop Merlin

Small, Fierce, Adventure Ready

Lightest Queen size Cabin, with Full size Galley. Perfect combination for spontaneous adventure.

A compass setting direction for adventure in tiny trailers
Spontaneous Adventure

This nimble but spacious Teardrop is perfect for those who want to get away quickly. Whether you want to plan a quick getaway, bugout or just decide after work that you need adventure, the American Teardrop Merlin is always ready. Small enough to go behind most sedans, big enough to make you never want to go home.

Interior space supports a 6" thick memory foam queen mattress, and ample storage for all your quick escape moments. Enough of what you need, with just the right amount of extras.

Goes anywhere you need to ...

Ready for immediate adventure

The ATD Merlin goes anywhere, anytime, everywhere, every time. From Sunny San Diego to where the sun never sets, ALASK, the ATD Merlin has definitely been our transcontinental trailer. Small enough to make get ways easy, but large enough to add the great features every adventurer needs.

Why the Merlin

Smaller, more nimble that it's larger counter parts, this light weight trailer is the smallest Queen Size trailer with a full Galley. As you can see it has been from to the very edge of adventure including the Arctic Ocean.

  • " You really can pull this trailer behind almost any vehicle"

  • "I didn't buy the biggest trailer, but my merlin has every possible feature from BBQ to eBike Rack. I can go anywhere"

  • "Perfect graphics and perfect size for all our adventures."

Voted Most Nimble

Big enough for all your accessories. Light enough for most cars.

Harrier Standard Specifications

Size: 5.1x9
Weight: 920lbs
Tongue Length: 48in
Tongue Weight: 87lbs
Hatch Storage Capacity: 30cuft
Bed Size: 60inx78in
Inside Length: 84in
Inside Floor Size: 60inx78in
Cabin Length Exterior: 108in
Overall Length: 144in
Cabin Width: 62in
Overall Width: 80in
Cabin Height: 48in
Inside Cabin Height: 45in
Overall Height: 67in
Overall Width: 92in
Cabin Width: 74in
Galley Counter Height: 36in
Galley Hatch Height: 78in
Frame Ground Clearance: 14in
Tires (Standard): 205/75/14
Rims (Standard): 14in Steel
Ball Size: 2in
Frame Ground Clearance: 14in
Electrical Hook Up: 4 Wire Flat
Brakes: Optional
Tongue Rack: Optional 16inx48in
Spare Tire: Optional
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Adventure Graphics

Make your trailer Stand out, Blend in, or just reflect your adventurous personality with ATD Graphics and wraps.

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