American Teardrop Osprey

When all you need is a place to sleep

Comfort in the little ways. Freedom in a big way.

A compass setting direction for adventure in tiny trailers
the ATD Osprey

OSPREY (n) - A tiny unit of fun, a huge upgrade from a tent. Whether your just getting started or finally tired of setting up your tent, the ATD Osprey will make you head out more and more. Whether you prefer a full-size or queen-size mattress, you will have a blast heading to the camp spot with this trailer. Almost no impact on gas mileage, no long set up times, no hassles, no wind, mosquitos or cold nights. Just the perfect nights sleep.



Like your bed at home, the ATD Osprey will become your place of comfort in your wilderness escapes. You can head out for a hike, fishing, running, kayaking or whatever else you want to do, with out worrying about setting up your campsite later. It is set up whenever your ready to call it a night.

Don't let the little deceive you, The osprey can be upgraded with all the fun of every package including classic, 12V, Off-road and nearly all the accessories.

Why an Osprey?

Lightest in class. Equipped with Full or Queen size bed. No setup. No hassle. No more sleeping on the ground. Perfect behind small vehicles like Prius, Mini, and more.

  • My Osprey will go anywhere I and my Jeep decide to go.

  • "I can pull it behind my Prius. So I work remote all the time now."

  • "It might be little, but I am so glad I have this outlet. Outdoors here I come"

Light weight champion of the great outdoors.

Check out these specs.

Osprey Standard Specifications

Size: 4.5x 8 (Full) or 5.1x8 (Queen)
Weight: <580lbs
Tongue Length: 48in
Tongue Weight: 72lbs
Hatch Storage Capacity: NA
Bed Size: 54 or 60x78in
Inside Length: 81 in
Inside Floor Size: 54 or 60x78in
Cabin Length Exterior: 184in
Overall Length: 114in
Cabin Width: 74in - 80in
Overall Width: <62in
Cabin Height: 48in
Inside Cabin Height: 45in
Overall Height: 67in
Frame Ground Clearance: 14in
Tires (Standard): 205/75/14
Rims (Standard): 14in Steel
Ball Size: 2in
Frame Ground Clearance: 14in
Electrical Hook Up: 4 Wire Flat
Brakes: Optional
Tongue Rack: Optional 16inx48in
Spare Tire: Optional
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Adventure Graphics

Make your trailer Stand out, Blend in, or just reflect your adventurous personality with ATD Graphics and wraps.

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