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American Teardrop offers trailers specifically designed with our clients in mind, ensuring a seamless journey towards adventure. We make it easy for you to hit the road sooner, while also allowing you to customize your trailer with add-ons to suit your preferences.

Getting ready for a trip should be exciting, not overwhelming, and our trailers are the solution.

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Our trailers come fully equipped with all the amenities you need for a comfortable and unforgettable outdoor journey – and they’re ready for you in a short amount of time, allowing you to get ready to embark on your next adventure.
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Guaranteed Quality craftsmanship

At American Teardrop, we understand your desire to explore breathtaking landscapes with your teardrop trailer. That's why we prioritize durability and longevity in our products.

We proudly offer a comprehensive one-year warranty on all parts and services provided by us. For any repairs on non-manufacturer parts that were ordered for a specific client request, we will handle the shipping and return process for you.

When you choose American Teardrop, we want to ensure that your trailer is in the best hands for repairs. Our preferred option is for clients to bring their trailers directly to our factory, where our expert technicians can provide top-notch service. However, we understand that sometimes it may not be possible to make the trip.

In such cases, we offer an alternative solution. If you are unable to bring your trailer to the factory, we will still support you by providing the necessary parts. We will also assist you in finding a reputable local repair shop in your area. While we won't be able to handle the labor ourselves, rest assured that we've got you covered when it comes to the quality parts needed for the job.

We recognize that wear and tear is inevitable as you enjoy your cherished trailer over time. Therefore, we offer affordable replacement options for worn-out parts for up to 10 years after your purchase.

Adventure doesn’t wait, so why should you?

Our trailers are ready for the open road when you are.

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Our trailers have served as the perfect solution if you are looking for a teardrop trailer to take you wherever you’re heading next

Easy ordering, handled design changes easily. Early enough that they were happy to do it. Delivery was about 5 weeks early. Big surprise! Since I was ill at the time, they went out of their way to deliver it to my daughter's house about an hour away at no charge to me.
I personally saw it for the first time last night. Pulled it home today. It’s exactly what I ordered! Can’t wait to get moved in and put it into action.

James J.

It was an amazing experience to have our teardrop built to the specifications we requested.It was great working with Bud and Linda.  Best of all was being able to rent a teardrop before we purchased, helping to make our decision more clear.

Rose M.

I rented one of their trailers for the weekend. I'm 6' 2" and the camper was surprisingly well insulated and comfortable with 2 people for its size and weight. I couldn't feel any extra weight while towing the trailer up to tahoe. I will definitely rent from them again and plan on purchasing one of their trailers if I see myself renting the trailer often.

Sean T.

Bought our custom built trailer July'15. Took approximately 3 months given the queue ahead of us. Writing this post 2 years since taking possession.Let me start w/ LOVE the trailer! Wife and I use to be tent campers, but this was quite a chore. No central place for all our camping gear, meaning invariably leaving something critical in a bin at home. The self "deflating" air beds we used in the tent were also quite annoying. Having this trailer greatly simplified our camping trips. Since buying, we have averaged ~1 trip per month, through all types of weather. Rock solid build quality. Easy to tow. Very comfortable to sleep in, not only because of the 6" of memory foam, but also this thing is so quiet inside. Noisy camping neighbors are not an issue.Bud is the owner and builder, and his advice on which options to get or not was spot on for our build. Even after ownership, I brought the trailer back to Bud for a couple of issues, both created by me, Bud stepped up and fixed the trailer at a more than generous price. He would even add some idiot proofing to the trailer to ensure I wouldn't "break" it again.Great proprietor and product!

Ed F.

American Teardrop builds a fantastic teardrop trailer. It is beautiful to look at, functionally designed, super roadworthy, and shows excellent craftsmanship. Bud and Linda were a total pleasure to work with, and took all of my questions, option tweaks, and more questions with friendly, timely professionalism. We could not be happier with the finished product! Tom and Liz Patterson - Seattle, WA

Tom P.

We bought our Merlin 5'x9' teardrop from American teardrops in late 2016. Bud always has a waiting list for his teardrops so we ordered it months a head. We added a sturdier frame for off roading, and more kitchen cabinets .As a building contractor I'm well aware that little things will sometimes go wrong- But Bud and Linda have always been there  for us- once with a small water issue and the other time modifying a latch for us. We love our Merlin. We transitioned from camping and find we get out as much more  now- and are always looking forward to the next time!. We like having a minimalist camping  experience and having an outdoor kitchen. The interior is great with a queen size bed and  6" foam . . When we arrive at a campground we can park and head off hiking and in the am we just close up the doors and can move on.

Robin M.